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Positioning employees strategically and efficiently

Potential diagnostics
& Coaching

We also offer you the possibility of a well-founded potential diagnostics in order to know the abilities and potentials of your current and potential employees, so that you can use them in the best possible way.

Discover how you can tap your potential and that of your employees most effectively.

Potential diagnostics

By using the Bochum Inventory for Job-Related Personality Assessment (BIP), we have the opportunity to make an even more precise statement about the fit between job requirements and the candidate’s personality.

With this tool, which is being continuously researched by the Test Development Project Team at the Ruhr University in Bochum, we have deliberately chosen a very well-founded procedure that captures 17 aspects of personality in a job-related context.

These are subdivided into four sections:

Professional orientation
Work behavior
Social competences
Psychological constitution

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The candidates answer 253 questions on a six-point scale to determine the extent to which the criteria applies to them.

There are no “right” and “wrong” answers, but the comparison between the requirements of a position and certain characteristics of the applicant can either confirm or disprove impressions already gained during the interview and thereby enable an even more accurate evaluation of the decision to be made.

With the BIP-6F, we also have a short version of the BIP available, which systematically records six job-related aspects of personality with only 60 questions.

Implementation & Evaluation

The BIP and BIP-6F are conducted and evaluated online. Both candidates and clients receive a detailed report of the results. This is followed by a feedback session with our psychologist Hanna Berger, so that all parties can assess the results and use them for further steps.

Further information about the BIP as well as the BIP-6F can be found at: ruhr-uni-bochum.de

In addition, the use of the BIP offers the possibility to reflect on individual strengths and learning areas. If necessary, the candidate directly can be accompanied by supporting measures, e.g. individual coaching.


We define coaching as the individual and professional guidance of work-related challenges. We believe that each person is capable of finding a solution to his or her own challenges, and that the way in which similar situations are handled can be very different. Various methods can be used to reflect on one’s own behavior and to learn new ways of handling things, which can then be integrated into the daily work routine. Particularly when taking on a new professional or leadership role, coaching can help to grow into the new role more quickly, to integrate well into a team or, as a manager, to develop one’s own team and to master initial challenges successfully. If a candidate is convincing, but there are still differences between the requirements of a role and the personality attributes, then these aspects can also be addressed and worked on in coaching.

Benefits of coaching for professionals and executives include:

Better integration into the new environment

An increase in employer attractiveness

A lower staff fluctuation

Cost and time savings for all parties involved