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Where do I stand now and what do I intend to accomplish?

Career coaching &
career assessment

You have no idea where your career path is heading, what next steps you would like to take? You feel dissatisfaction in your current job, but can’t really pinpoint the cause? Would you like to experience more professional fulfillment and a sense of purpose?

A professional career-coaching can assist you to gain more clarity and enable you to take your next steps in a more goal-oriented way.

Career coaching

We offer you professional
and holistic guidance

career assessment

to identify your individual strengths as well as the desired work environment, taking into account your experience and qualifications by exploring the following parameters in the background: Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?

Review and optimization of the application documents

Sample CV (layout, structure of contents, prioritization)


Evaluation of your job references


regarding the current market situation as well as its constant development

different remuneration models


Preparation for you to feel confident & successful in the job interview or assessment center.

For more clarity, satisfaction and success in your next professional steps.

In our multi-professional team with many years of consulting expertise and psychological background, we have the right expert for each of your needs.

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